Pega Test and QA Engineer

Job description

What’s our vision?

In a world where testing is the mother of all innovation, where every company is an IT company, every budget is an IT budget and every manager is an IT manager, innovation is the key to survive. We help clients with their digital transformation. We make sure clients can release software when they want. Testing and test automation are essential to make continuous delivery work. We help customers embracing the change so they can adapt to ever changing requirements. Our full-stack Pega test consultants give developers feedback as soon as possible. We firmly believe in Tech first, Test second. Our test consultants are certified, CPBA, CSA and CSSA.


Serious Fun

Being part of the Pega chapter means that you are part of a team which specializes in testing Pega and know how to test apps being built with the Pega designer studio. We help each other achieving our goals. We organize hackathons to innovate and improve our solutions for testing Pega.

Besides the serious side of our work, we celebrate our successes. For example, we have a barbecue guild that organizes the best barbecues ever. A BBQ not special enough for you? Then join us during one of our famous teambuilding weekends which takes place in a big villa with at least an awesome pool and some good whiskey.

Achieve customer success

Helping our clients embrace the change is what we do. We don’t mind if a project is based in the Netherlands, Belgium or Switzerland; we travel to our clients to help them onsite or we work remotely, whatever is more beneficial to achieve our most important goal: customer success.


Agile HR

Having a meeting at the beginning of the year to set your personal goals for that year, checking them twice and that an end-of-year review is something we find old fashioned. The world around us changes in such a pace that you must adapt quickly. That’s why we implemented an Agile HR approach. With Agile HR you are the Product Owner of your career path. During 6-weekly sprint cycles, you work on your personal development.

Consider your personal backlog as your list of goals you wish to achieve. In this ever-changing world we live in, your goals will change due to a variety of reasons. We believe you have to be Agile in your personal goals to achieve the right goals at the right time. So, when new goals arise or existing goals become more important, just rank them higher on your backlog and work on it in your next sprint.

If you share our beliefs in an Agile approach of your personal development, do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to start your first sprint.



What is your vision?

Do you share our vision, or do you think we missed something?

Please let us know, we are happy to meet!


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